Green Belt

Close to Brussels, the Green Belt connects wonderful pieces of nature, parks, forests and gardens with the charming villages around the capital. The majestic castles and beautiful estates bear witness to a fascinating past. Ideal for a romantic getaway or a delicious meal!

The Green Belt consists of three sub-regions, each with its own natural beauty, local produce, and a wide range of accommodation.

Between Zenne and Dender, barely 10 km west of the capital, you find yourself in the so-called Pajottenland and the Zenne Valley. An oasis of space, green and quiet. The north-western part of the Green Belt rejoices in the name of the Brabant Kouters. The landscape is very rich and varied. Many springs gush forth in this offshoot of the Brabant loam region, which stretches from the Scheldt in the west to the Meuse in the east. If you go further east between Brussels and Leuven, you arrive in the Dijleland, with to the south the well-known grape region and Flanders' largest beech forests.

Eating out in the Green Belt

A completely unique product of the Green Belt is Kriek, a sweet and sour beer with a light fruit flavour. It is delicious with a cottage cheese sandwich. But neither are the typical Gueuze or Lambiek beers to be sneezed at. You’ll find them on every menu in the many local restaurants and cafés!

The region around Kampenhout is known for its chicory. In the chicory museum you can find out everything about the origins and cultivation of 'Brabant's white gold'.

Or experience a sweet summer in Overijse during the grape harvest festivities! A parade, a flea market, children's activities and the election of the grape queen pay tribute to the Flemish Brabant table grape. In visitor centre Dru!f (Grape) you will discover the recreational, cultural and gastronomic strengths of the region, and of course taste delicious sweet grapes of the highest quality.

Romantic trips in the Green Belt

Romantic cycling and walking, that's why people come to the Green Belt! Plan your cycling or walking route now to take you past one of the following places ...

  • Feel like a knight or a damsel in Gaasbeek Castle
  • Admire the floral splendour of the Coloma Rose Garden
  • Colonial grandeur and majestic trees in Tervuren's park and museum
  • Unique: Hallerbos wood, where bluebells bloom in spring!
  • Spring in Grand-Bijgaarden: a flower festival around historic Grand-Bijgaarden Castle during the Brussels Floralia

Take a green city trip!

Take a city trip to Brussels but sleep gloriously amid green! That's only possible in the Green Belt! So enjoy the vibrant city - with the Atomium, Manneken Pis and delicious waffles - and then totally relax in the many parks, gardens and forests near Brussels!

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Golf in the heart of Europe? No problem! The Green Belt around Brussels has no fewer than eight golf clubs!

Brabantse Golf in Melsbroek near the airport, Duisburg Military Golf Club and the Royal Belgian Golf Club "Ravenstein" in beautiful Tervuren, Steenpoel Golf in Dilbeek, the golf school in the Pajottenland, Golf Practice Sint-Genesius-Rode for those who want to work on their swing, Golflife Center Sterrebeek on the site of the old race course and Golf Club Kampenhout and Keerbergen Golf Club in the north of the region.

In the Brussels-Capital Region itself you have two golf courses: Royal Amicale Golf Club Anderlecht and Brussels Droh!me Golf Club.

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