Are you all about fashion, cosy markets and culture? Then Antwerp is the place for you! You will find an exciting mix of shopping streets and medieval alleys strewn with trendy bars. Not to mention all those epicurean restaurants. Already itching for a city trip? Antwerp, elegance par excellence!

Shop, shop, shop in the 'stadsfeestzaal'! This 19th-century banqueting and exhibition hall has been converted into a unique shopping centre. A wow moment while shopping is guaranteed!

Diamond gleaning! Well, they are not literally there for the taking, but you will certainly find plenty in the numerous little shops in the multicultural Diamond District.

Order a fresh 'Bolleke'! Step inside one of the many pubs and ask for a De Coninck 'Bolleke', the favourite beer of the people of Antwerp. Cheers!

Experience the 'Summer of Antwerp'! During July and August, marquees, concert podia and improvised theatres suddenly pop up everywhere in Antwerp.

Top 5 things to do:

  • A must-see is the Antwerp Fashion Museum - MoMu. Or take the Antwerp Fashion Map on your next shopping spree.
  • Visit the Rubenshuis, the former house and studio of the Master Painter Peter-Paul Rubens (1577-1640).
  • The MAS museum is a must-see in Antwerp. It tells the story about Antwerp and its place in the world, housed in a brand new building with a spectacular view.
  • Visit the Red Star Line Museum, about a legendary shipping company, which carried 2.6 million passengers from Antwerp to New York and Philadelphia between 1873 and 1934.
  • Get a taste of Antwerp’s most famous product: Elixir d’Anvers. De Vagant in Antwerp is a cafe with more than 200 jenevers and even offers dishes based on jenever!

The "Zuidrand"

Besides its pleasant urban buzz Antwerp, along with some nearby municipalities, can offer the beautiful country park known "Zuidrand" (southern border). This open space is characterized by stream valleys, castle estates and farmhouses harbouring a rich past. How about a bike ride along the Antwerp Fortification Belt? A perfect mixture of nature and history. The "Zuidrand", simply delectable!

More info can be found at Tourism Zuidrand:

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No less than one third of Flemish golfers live in the province of Antwerp. The region also has the highest number of courses, including some clubs just a fifteen minute drive from Antwerp's city centre: Cleydael Golf & Country Club in the magnificent setting of the ancient castle and Antwerp Golf School, the perfect place to learn to play golf, both of them in Aartselaar, and finally Drie Eycken Golf Club in Edegem, with a pleasant family atmosphere.

Near to Antwerp you'll find the atmospheric Ternesse Golf & Country Club in Wommelgem and across the river Scheldt in Waasland there's Golf Club Beveren, an inland links course in the unique setting of the Antwerp port.

And if you go towards Kempen you’ll find Brasschaat Open Golf & Country Club, Royal Antwerp Golf Club, Rinkven Golf & Country Club and Bossenstein Golf & Polo Club - beautiful, challenging courses and excellent facilities to satisfy your golfing appetite. You’re also welcome to master golf skills or to train at Cleydael Golf Centrum Ranst.

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